"This Amazing Speech Was NEVER Meant To Be Heard By The General Public And Hasn't Been Available In 60 Years! Listen In As Personal Development Icon And Network Marketing Pioneer, J. Earl Shoaff, Tells An Audience of Eager Multi-Million Dollar Per Year Earners
'How To Get Rich And Stay Rich!"

You are absolutely going to LOVE this!

You are about to hear an incredible speech made by Personal Development Icon and Network Marketing Pioneer, J. Earl Shoaff.

This Speech Was Given Over A Year Before The Now World Famous "How To Become A Millionaire!" speech

The date is March 4, 1961.

The place is the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

The audience is a group of top earners who had to be earning a minimum of $25,000 per month to even get in the door!


As the brand new Executive Vice-President of Nutri-Bio's Canadian division, Jim was on stage with his mentor as Mr. Shoaff shared his wisdom.

According to Mr. Shoaff, many of the people present were earning $200,000 - $250,000 per month.

At least one person present was earning over $300,000 per month and this was in 1961 dollars!

Reporters Called It, "A National Mania!"

Earl Shoaff was the President of a food supplement company called Nutri-Bio.

Formed in July of 1957, and co-founded with Rich Schnackenberg, the company crafted a vision unmatched at the time.

Positive thinking, positive eating, and positive living were the core values that drove everyone who became involved.

Radiant Health, not only of the body, but of the mind, the heart, and the soul.

Wealth, not only money and material possessions, but of the person you could become in the process.

Happiness, not only keeping a true smile on your face, but in your attitude of gratitude for your many blessings.

Fulfillment On Every Level Was Not Only Possible, But Obtainable

Nutri-Bio was more than a corporation.

It was more than a food supplement company.

It was more than a group of dedicated individuals.

It was an IDEA.

An idea you carried in your heart, in your mind, and in your being.

This idea gave people hope.

This idea gave people inspiration.

This idea gave people motivation.

This idea crafted a vision of a future they were excited to be a part of.

A vision that pulled them like a magnet.

It represented the very best of life.

In every aspect.

In every nuance.

It Is Where The LEGENDS Were Born!

This idea attracted people of the highest caliber.

People who have directly and indirectly influenced millions and millions of people.

People who are recognized as icons and legends in the network marketing profession.

Jim Rohn

William E Bailey

Robert DePew

William Penn Patrick

Zig Ziglar

And SO many more!

We're Talking About The Very ORIGINS Of Network Marketing!

In 1964, William Penn Patrick took these ideas and formed a cosmetics company called Holiday Magic.

This company is where "Dare To Be Great" Legend Glenn W. Turner got his start.

It is where Sales Legend Ben Gay III got his start.

It is where Entrepreneur Larry Huff got his start.

It is where Zig Ziglar continued to hone his skills and attitudes.

In 1966, Bill Bailey took these ideas and started a company called Bestline Products.

Robert DePew, Jim Rohn, and Larry Huff joined and helped build Bestline into what was described as "Camelot."

Bestline Products was where Legend Larry Thompson got his start on May 4, 1968.

The 20 year old "long-haired hippy construction worker" used what they taught him to become a NINE FIGURE EARNER in the profession!

In 1977, Jim Rohn was giving a seminar in California.

In his audience was a young Mark Hughes who was ready to put what he learned into action.

He was in a company called Slender Now and quickly became a top distributor before the company folded.

Mark then met Larry Thompson in a company called Golden Youth and quickly became a top distributor before that company also folded.

Mark Hughes had had enough and wanted to start his own nutrition company. On February 1, 1980, Herbalife was officially launched.

Mark Hughes, with Larry Thompson, and a few years later, Jim Rohn, built that company into a multi-billion dollar GIANT!

When Mark Hughes passed away, he was worth $400,000,000!

The list goes on and on...

What Will YOU Do With These Ideas?!

If you are a student of success.

If you are a student of network marketing.

If you are a student of business.

If you are a student of better living.

If you are a student of getting everything you want out of life.

If you are looking for explanations about why you are where you are.

If you have answers about life you don't even know the questions to.

What you are about to hear will point you in the right direction!

Special Bonuses For FAST Movers!

(After the launch, these bonuses will become stand alone products available for purchase separately)

1) A SECOND Earl Shoaff Speech called "The Universal Secrets Of Success!"

As this mega-earner event was ending, the executives asked Mr. Shoaff for some quick closing remarks.

Little did they know that the man would get "in the groove" and speak for an additional 20 minutes.

These closing remarks are profound and you will want your journal handy to take notes as fast as you can write.

2) A THIRD Earl Shoaff Speech of his Keynote Address to Nutri-Bio's Pinnacle Leaders!

Jim Rohn told me that the energy in the room was off the charts! Recorded on July 15, 1961, it was a MAGICAL time for Nutri-Bio as J. Earl Shoaff speaks from his heart about life and business.

3) The ORIGINAL How To Become A Millionaire Speech!

The Earl Shoaff speech that started it ALL and really introduced J. Earl Shoaff to the world!

4) "Take Care of YOU For ME!"

Movie and Television star, Bob Cummings, was an executive of Nutri-Bio and gave this now famous talk to the distributors in the early 1960's.

Jim Rohn referred to it many times in his seminars over his half-century career.

Now you get to hear these ideas from the original source!

5) Some Network Marketing History!

Just for fun, I'm throwing in an rare recording of Bob Cummings announcing that Nutri-Bio would be the main sponsors for his hugely popular TV show.

It's an interesting and fun look back!

You Get It ALL Today For Only $47 bucks!

As always, thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you!

Your Unique Success Resource,
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