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"Over 57 Years Before 'The Secret' Multi-Millionaire J. Earl Shoaff Was Teaching The Laws of Success To A Select Few...Now It's YOUR Turn!"

"Just As He Taught Jim Rohn, William E. Bailey,
Zig Ziglar, Mary Kay Ash And Countless Others,
Let The Legendary J. Earl Shoaff Teach You
How To Become A Millionaire!"

It was on July 15, 1978, that I heard Jim Rohn for the first time. I was 15 years old and his message turned me every which way but loose. As I heard his message, it made me truly believe, for the very first time, that I could make my life anything I wanted it to be.

Several times during his speech, Jim kept talking about this mentor, Mr. Shoaff, that changed his life. I got so intrigued by this man that I vowed to find out as much as I could about him and learn from him just as Jim had all those years ago.

Little did I know that this search would take me on an incredible journey that would bring me friendships, inspiration and riches beyond compare. Now, it is my great pleasure to share this journey with you.

Everyone knows the profound impact this man had on Jim Rohn that fateful day in late 1955. What is not widely known is the dramatic impact he had on some other young entrepreneurs. People like Bill Bailey, Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash.

You will read here, for the first time anywhere, about an amazing man who refused to give in to the hand life had dealt him and, through his own personal development (a term he coined) turned that losing hand into a jackpot for himself and anyone who heard him share his incredible story.

This is Ron Henley and I'm excited to share with you an ultra rare treat that will forever change your thinking about success and how to be, do and have anything you want.

Of all the mentors I've had, Jim has had the biggest impact on me and my thinking. What I've learned from him over the years has allowed me to look within and make the changes needed to live the life of my dreams.

He has influenced the lives of millions of people all over the planet. He is known today as "The World's Foremost Business Philosopher" but he wasn't born that way.

By the time Jim reached the age of 25, he was married, had a family and worked as a stock clerk at Sears earning $57 a week take home pay. Finding himself falling behind on his bills, and with nothing in the bank to fall back on, he knew he wanted more out of life but had no idea on how to make it happen.

Then something happened to him that changed his life forever and gave him the answers he was looking for. The same good fortune that happened to Jim all those years ago is about to happen to you! Stay with me and I'll explain.


Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

I have listened to this recording AT LEAST 50 TIMES and this year is about to be my best year ever.

I have completed Tony Robbins "Unlimited Power" book & tapes; his "Personal Power" 30-day course twice. I have read & studied Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, and many more.

I have read or listened to well over 96 books or tape courses in the last 12 years, all supposedly have the SECRET to SUCCESS.

This ONE CD recording could have replaced all of the others!

-Daniel Gregory

One of Jim's friends told him about a man he had gone to work for. This man was very rich and wise. He had an incredible philosophy about life and he was easy to talk to. His friend talked about this man so much that Jim's curiosity got the better of him and he went to hear what this man had to say.

Jim walked into the room and took a seat. He really didn't know what to expect, but he kept an open mind and listened intently as the speaker opened his eyes to a world he never knew existed. A world where you could truly be anything you wanted to be and you could have anything you wanted to have!

Jim said of the experience "To this day, I can't tell you exactly what he said, I just knew that I would have given anything to be like him." Then, standing at the back of the room, he got an idea. He thought that, somehow, if he could just get around this man, maybe he could learn the secrets of wealth and happiness.

After the speech was over, now armed with a definite purpose, Jim walked up and introduced himself to his new mentor. His name was John Earl Shoaff. They called him "The Millionaire Maker" and Jim quickly found out that everything his friend had told him about this man was true.

He WAS Rich! He WAS easy to talk to and he DID have an incredible philosophy about life!

Jim's life changed that night. He went to work for Mr. Shoaff and learned how to make his dreams come true. Within 6 short years, he had gone from making $57 a week, and being behind on his bills, to becoming a millionaire!


I have always been a big fan of Jim Rohn, from the day I happened upon his lecture from the TPN Satellite Network around 1996 / 1997 and became an ardent fan ever since. The "Weekend Seminar Series" along with Jim's other offerings now have a deeper and more rewarding meaning as a result of this amazing CD you offer.

Jim would refer to his Mentor and Friend, Mr. Shoaff, many times during his many presentations and I grew enamored with this gentleman, who unfortunately passed away so young. This 30 minute CD of Mr. Shoaff covers vast volumes which many others may take 6 Cassettes or CD's to express. Such brevity is to be admired.

This CD has not only been very inspirational to me as I can NOW relate on a level higher than the average listener I believe, but Mr. Shoaff's lecture has answered several questions which have been looming over me for years! He has put so many things into a perfect perspective for me.

Ron, I appreciate all of your hard work in finding this amazing recording and sharing it with the rest of us. I am sure Mr. Shoaff would be honored that his integrity lives on! Incredible how serendipity plays out sometimes.

WIth My Highest & Most Sincere Appreciation,

-Bill Latrany

Bill Bailey has become a legend in the field of personal development. In 1972, along with McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, Bill was awarded the distinguished Horatio Alger award presented in person by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

He has coached countless people to six and seven figure incomes and his client list reads like a who's who of the movers and shakers in the world today.

Bill told me that the first time he heard Mr. Shoaff speak, his personal checking account was $26 overdrawn. After hearing what The Millionaire Maker had to say, he went out that day and borrowed $10,500 to go into business with him!

Bill then took what he learned and started a company in 1966 which was earning, at it's peak, $64,000,000 per month!

You can't live on $64,000,000 a month, but it's a good start.

Zig Ziglar is a living legend in the motivational speaking and sales training field. His story is an amazing example of what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself and never give up!

After a lengthy and successful career in direct sales, Mary Kay Ash retired in 1963 for a month. During those four weeks, she decided to write a book to help women thrive in the male-dominated business world.

Sitting at her kitchen table, she made two lists: one contained the good things she had seen in companies for which she had worked, the other featured things she thought could be improved.

When she reviewed the lists, she realized that she had inadvertently created a marketing plan for a successful "dream company."

With her life savings of $5,000 and the help of her 20-year-old son Richard Rogers, she launched Mary Kay Cosmetics on Friday, September 13, 1963.

The company she founded remains today one of the greatest success stories in the annals of business.

Who is Earl Shoaff?

They called him "The Millionaire Maker." His story and how he overcame the odds may well be the turning point in your life, regardless of your age.

Born on March 21, 1916, with such a weak and fragile heart, his doctors did not expect him to survive. As he grew into childhood, it was during one of his many doctors visits that he heard the words that would become the driving force in his life:

Earl, live each day as though it were your last
because in your condition, today may be all you have!"

He was in the ninth grade when the great depression hit. With his family struggling to make ends meet, he decided to leave school and get a job. He found work in a dry cleaners and it was there he stayed until World War II broke out.

He quickly volunteered, but was rejected by the military because of his heart condition. Wanting to do his patriotic duty, he joined the American Field Services overseas. As an ambulance driver and medical corpsman, he was in constant combat duty for over two years.

This caused irreparable damage to his heart, but it rekindled a determination to squeeze every drop out of life and devote his remaining years to help mankind achieve greater fulfillment.

After the war, he married his childhood sweetheart. A neighbor introduced him to a unique business opportunity and he became a millionaire in less than four years. It was through this unique business that he became a mentor to Jim, Bill, Zig, Mary Kay and thousands of people all over the country.

He subsequently headed several large corporations with unprecedented success. He was intimately acquainted with the outstanding men of industry and government, but never waivered in his drive to awaken men and women of all ages to their true potential.

His life and lifestyle fascinated people. Born with a weak heart, and of modest means, he overcame the odds and became a true-life "rags-to-riches" story that anyone could duplicate.

He was an "average Joe" that made it big and freely shared with anyone who would listen how they could do it too. He frequently toured the country telling spellbound audiences that "Life never, never withholds anything from anyone. Love, health, wealth, companionship. All these exist in infinite abundance.

We alone are the ones that prevent our own good from flowing, simply because we are not aware of nature's abundance and the tremendous power dormant in each of us. Power, which unfortunately, remains untapped because we don't know how to release, and set in motion, the activities which function the laws of success."

He felt one of life's great tragedies was man's persistence in clinging so tenatiously to lack and limitation. The true mark of greatness is not just in what a person accomplishes with their own life, but in their ability to help others help themselves, and to realize that they too can become great.

J. Earl Shoaff was one of those incredible people. He had that rare ability of simplifying the laws of success and abundance to where even children understood and successfully applied them.

Therein lies the great value of his simple message, and why it can be the turning point in your life.

Mr. Shoaff used to say "Be naive enough to believe what I say for just thirty days and you will be on your way to a new life." That's why so many called him "The Millionaire Maker."

Experience J. Earl Shoaff LIVE!

I have 3 questions for you.

What if YOU could travel back in time and go with Jim Rohn to the event that changed his life?

What if YOU could actually HEAR the very words Bill Bailey, Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash heard that changed their thinking all those years ago?

What If YOU Could Learn How To Become A Millionaire From John Earl Shoaff Himself?

Sadly, suffering from a bad case of pneumonia, the weak heart that plagued him since birth finally gave out on September 6, 1965 at age 49.

I can't deliver The Millionaire Maker in person, but what I can give you is the next best thing.

In 1962, at the Essex House in New York City, Mr. Shoaff was the keynote speaker at a large gathering of success minded people from all over the United States and Canada.

You are about to hear the only known recording of The Millionaire Maker giving the speech that changed the lives of all who heard it! Needless to say, YOU are in for the experience of a lifetime!


I really enjoyed the CD of Mr. Shoaff. His talk put a lot of clarity on seeding and cleared a lot of things up for me. It's also nice that Mr Shoaff is no longer just a reference in Jim's lectures but seems more like a "real" person to me now.

The reason I'm writing is because listening to Mr. Shoaff reminded me of an experience that I hope will shine some light on why this recording is so important.

When I took martial arts I learned from a great instructor, but what had a huge and different type of impact on my learning was when I learned from his instructor.

The same principle applies here as hearing Mr. Shoaff has given me a deeper understanding of Jim Rohn's material.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

-David Russo

This ultra-rare recording, thought lost forever, was recently discovered in an old storage facility in California. Ron Henley International, Inc. has secured the exclusive rights to this recording and is proudly making it available to the general public for the first time in over five decades!*

Now YOU can hear directly from the man who, through the legacy he left behind, changed the lives of Jim Rohn, Bill Bailey and untold millions around the world. Listen in your car, at home, while you exercise or at any time you choose to learn the secrets to becoming a millionaire!

Plus Get These Awesome "Buy-It-Now" Bonuses!

Buy-It-Now Bonus #1: A Special Limited Edition Word-For-Word Transcript!

We have transcribed the entire speech for you. You can read while you listen or just read it when you want to refresh your subconscious with all of the life changing ideas Mr. Shoaff shares in his speech. Why is the transcript a "Special Limited Edition?" Read the next bonus and find out!

Buy-It-Now Bonus #2: A Picture Jim Rohn Did Not Know Existed!

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Jim. It was just the two of us sitting in the Oakland airport waiting for a mutual friend to pick us up and give us a ride to the hotel where he would speak the next day.

We talked about a lot of things including, of course, Earl Shoaff. I asked him if he had any photos of he and Earl together. He told me he did not. None existed that he knew of and it was one of his major regrets.

Imagine his pleasant surprise when I whipped out an old black and white photo of them taken back in April of 1961. Jim was the Vice-President of the Canadian division of Earl's company, Nutri-Bio. The photo shows a group of executives getting off of an old prop airplane for a Hawaiian vacation and there they were! The only known photo of the two of them together!

Now YOU get to see this ultra-rare photo because we've included it in the transcript of Earl's speech!

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How To Become A Millionaire!
MP3 and eBook Transcript

*This speech was originally recorded in 1962 with analog recording equipment and released on an old 33 RPM record. We have digitally remastered the recording as best we could but you will still hear some slight "popping" noises (from the original record) throughout the recording.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you!

Your Unique Success Resource,
Ron Henley

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