"Jim Rohn Told Me That When He Saw Earl Shoaff Give This Presentation He Had $5 Bucks In His Pocket. He Used What He Learned That Night To Go From Being A Broke Sears Clerk To Becoming A Multi-Millionaire In Less Than 6 Years!"

(The Video Is Over 27 Minutes But
Watch This 1 Minute Preview Right Now!)

Ron Henley here and it is my sincere pleasure to share something very rare and special with you.

Since we released the audio speech of J. Earl Shoaff called "How To Become A Millionaire" over a decade ago, thousands of people have asked if there was more material from Mr. Shoaff available.

Up until this moment, the answer has always been no. Now I am proud to announce that an amazing vintage black and white film of Mr. Shoaff, thought lost forever, has been discovered, has undergone digital restoration, and is now available online!

Almost a half hour in length, it is an incredible film called "Success with Abundavita" and it features J. Earl Shoaff "The Millionaire Maker" sharing wealth principles and the Abundavita compensation plan.

For those of you who don't know, I pause here to inform you that Abundavita is the nutritional supplement company that Mr. Shoaff joined in the early 1950's when he was a pants presser at a department store. He went from earning $100 bucks a week to becoming a multi-millionaire in 4 years!

This is the same presentation he made hundreds of times across the country and he is a master of his craft. He would visit various cities, give a lecture on the laws of success (How To Become A Millionaire) then show people how they could put into immediate action what they had just learned.

He did so well with the company that he was promoted to Vice-President and General Sales Manager. He then toured the country sharing the message you get to see for the first time in over 50 years!

A Fateful Day

This video is also incredible because it opens a door to the past where it all began for a young Sears human resources clerk named Jim Rohn. You will see and hear the EXACT message he heard that totally changed his life!

Jim told me that when he saw this presentation, he had $5 bucks in his pocket. It was October of 1955. He had just turned 25 and he was earning $57 bucks a week. He wanted so much more for himself and his family but didn't have a clue how to make it happen.

A friend named Jackson "Jack" Baird told him about this incredible man he had gone to work for. This man was wealthy, happy, and had an incredible philosophy that he shared in success lectures to packed out audiences. Jim agreed to go never knowing his life would never be the same.

As he sat in the audience, Mr. Shoaff explained to him how, VERY part time (1 hour per day) he could earn 1 1/2 times what he was earning working 40 hours a week at Sears.

It took $200 to get started (a month's pay for Jim) but he was ready to go! He borrowed the $200 from his parents and began the grand adventure that he would continue on the rest of his life. He took to his new business like a fish to water, and in just 3 weeks, had paid back his parents and was earning profits, never to look back!

2 years later Mr. Shoaff's presentation would be captured in the studio. To be able to watch and listen to this great man seemed to be an event forever lost in the past. Now we all get to jump in a time machine and experience it all for ourselves!

When you see this video, you will see exactly why Jim got so excited. Heck, I was ready to join :)

This Will Blow Your Mind!

But before we go any further, I have to share this "back story" with you because it is mind-blowing!

When you discover the history behind this film, and all of the miraculous events that had to happen, the fact that it even still exists is beyond comprehension.

1) Very few of these training films were ever made.

According to then Vice-President Rich Schnackenberg, the studio production costs for these films were very high. The few that were created were carefully assigned to only a handful of corporate officers. The films were then played every night, in a different city, all across the country.

Normal wear and tear (friction break down, hot projection bulbs melting and making the film brittle) caused the film to quickly deteriorate. They were patched, taped and spliced until they could no longer be salvaged and then tossed in the trash.

2) These films were not stored properly because they were supposed to be thrown away!

Not the best storage medium to begin with, even when you take great care in storing old film, the material degrades rather quickly causing the picture and soundtrack to completely fade away, losing all video and audio forever.

WARNING: Amazing Story Here!

These films were discovered in the home of an elderly man that passed away a few years ago. After the funeral, his family began getting the estate in order. Going through everything in the basement, they discovered some old projectors along with boxes and boxes of old films tucked away in the corner.

In one box they found 2 reels of film along with a note in their father's handwriting from the late 1950's:

Abundavita sales films?
Bought at yard sale for $1 each-
Throw films away and keep reels-

Did you get that? He bought them for the attractive metal reels they were on and was just going to toss the film in the trash. Incredible!

Just like the famed story in the classic book "Acres of Diamonds" by Russell Conwell, this man had NO IDEA that he had an absolute treasure in his possession.

A KEY piece of Network Marketing HISTORY from one of the Founding Fathers of the profession!

For whatever reason, he never followed through with his plans (THANK GOODNESS) and the films just sat there collecting dust for the next 50 years. This is one time that procrastination worked in everyone's favor :)

A Lucky Phone Call

A few months ago, I got a phone call from a guy I buy stuff from all the time. He knew I was always on the lookout for vintage network marketing memorabilia. He told me about the movies along with the story I just shared with you and my jaw hit the floor!

He told me the films were in very rough shape (and he wasn't kidding) but, even if they never again saw the light of day again, I just had to have them for my network marketing museum. So, we struck a deal and he mailed them to me. I was a nervous wreck until they got here haha.

The excitement quickly turned to concern when I opened the canisters. If you open a canister of old film and smell a strong odor of vinegar, you know you're in trouble because your film is dissolving into a big soft, sticky, solid mass.

Even if you're lucky enough to pull the film apart, at this point, most of the time you have nothing but blank film left. The sound and visual elements have long since faded away. Still, I had to try because this film captured a HUGE part of network marketing and business history and it deserved to be seen again.

Calling In The Pros

Luckily, I had worked with some talented people in the past who were experts in restoring old film and they were up to the challenge. They didn't work cheap, and it took time, but the film was finally brought back to a condition where the images and sound could be safely transferred to a digital format.

Then, it took even more time as the full onslaught of today's miraculous technology was brought to bear on the project. The videos were carefully edited, light balanced, sound equalized and who knows what else they did. The bottom line is that we now we have a video that I really thought would never be seen again.

From the very moment these films found their way into my collection, I wanted to tell the world about them, but decided not to until I was sure they could be restored. My best friends didn't even know, and knowing how passionate I am about this, they couldn't believe was able to keep my mouth shut :)

It was TOUGH keeping this project under wraps, but all of the time, money, effort and energy was totally worth it because now YOU get to see and experience this amazing video for yourself!

Plus A Very Cool FREE Bonus For Acting Quickly!

Not only will you get to see and hear J. Earl Shoaff, you will get an amazing bonus that will allow you to take this experience to a whole new level.

Earl Shoaff's mentor was a man named Dr. J. B. Jones.

Back in the early 1950's, Dr. Jones (who was a direct student of Napoleon Hill) traveled the country giving lectures on the laws of success to capacity crowds. In 1953, Earl Shoaff attended one of Dr. Jones' lectures and was hooked on what he heard.

By that time, Dr. Jones had founded the Abundavita Food Supplement Company. Mr. Shoaff signed on as a distributor that very night, immersed himself in the philosophies of success and went to work on himself and his fortune. The rest is history.

Discovered with the old film of Earl Shoaff was a black and white film of Dr. Jones sharing the laws of success and how Abundavita got started! Almost a half hour long, this film was also painstakingly restored and digitally transferred to video.

You Get The Complete Earl Shoaff Video PLUS
The Complete Dr. J. B. Jones Video For Only $47!

You will begin watching these videos right away because they are delivered digitally and are immediately available in your personal customer hub on our private secure network!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you!

Your Unique Success Resource,

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